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Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 4GL
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2 Brunel Place, Slough SL1 1FQ
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Gay Liberation: The Trailblazers of the Pride Movement

September 29, 2023
Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 4GL
Group of protestors holding signs for Brighton Pride

About the Exhibition

A photography exhibition by award-winning photographer Chris Jepson. You can view the exhibition in our Launch Space at Plus X Innovation, Brighton from Tuesday 1st August until 29th September, 9 AM - 5 PM, Monday to Friday.

From Chris:

“In 2022 I met and photographed some of the veterans of the first GLF March in 1972 to mark the 50th anniversary. In 2023 I did the same with veterans of the SGLF to mark the 50th anniversary of their first ‘Brighton Gay Pride March’ in 1973.   

As with all participants in The Identity Project, I also asked them what their identity means to them. This is the first time these trailblazers of the Pride movement have been exhibited. 

As you read their words, look at their portraits and as we celebrate Pride, think about the people that came before us, those who had the guts to stand up for who they were. When violence and abuse were frequently the consequences, they did it anyway.

We are the GLF’s legacy.”

Find out more about Chris Jepson.

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